Precise™ is an ultrasensitive targeted RNASeq assay designed to examine large numbers of standard or low input mRNA samples in a high throughput manner. Based on the Molecular Indexing™ technology, the assay provides the highest accuracy and precision possible.

  • Unparalleled Sensitivity
    • Highly efficient RT-PCR level mRNA detection
    • Start directly from RNA samples without separate Reverse Transcription
    • Validated down to single cell RNA levels
  • High Throughput
    • Single tube workflow for 96 or 384 samples
    • Multiplex up to 12 plates or 4,608 samples per sequencing run
    • Compatible with either MiSeq, NextSeq or HiSeq instruments
  • Accurate Digital Data
    • Molecular Indexing reduces amplification bias and enables absolute quantitation
    • Compatibility with Pixel™ enables library preparation efficiency determination as a QC step prior to sequencing
    • 3' anchoring enables highly multiplexed PCR sampling

      The Precise™ assays provide ultra sensitive RNASeq assay technology designed to examine large numbers of standard or low input mRNA samples in high throughput. Based on the Molecular Indexing technology, the assays provide the highest accuracy and precision possible and are designed especially for rare and precious samples or whenever absolute quantitation is required. The Precise™ assays combine Molecular and Sample indexing in 96 and 384 sample formats, enabling customers to sequence up to 2,000 samples on one sequencing run without investment in new equipment or extensive training. The assays focus on specific genes and pathways of interest - delivering unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity for low expression targets in rare and low quantity samples. Combined with robust design and data analysis pipelines the assays deliver a simple turnkey solution for targeted RNASeq experiments.