Fluorochrome Table - Salk Inst.
What is flow cytometry
About flow cytometry
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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
University of Pennsylvania
University of Iowa
Functional cell biochemistry
Staining nucleic acids with propidium iodide
DNA staining using propidium iodide
Fixation & Staining
Fluorescein labeling of proteins
Analysis using peripheral blood cells
Analysis of cell cycle
Yeast cell cycle by flow cytometry
Antibody fluorescent labeling
Ploidy(DNA) cell cycle analysis using propidium iodide
Using gentle ethanol fixation techniques
Whole blood method
Bivariate staining
Single colour DNA staining
Phycoerythrin labeling
Paraformaldehyde fixation of cells
FACS - abcam
Introduction to Flow Cytometry - Massachusetts General Hospital East
FACS Staining Protocol - Bruce Conklin
Advanced Methodologies in Flow Cytometry - Purdue Univ.
Staining Nucleic Acids with Propidium Iodide - Molecular Dynamics
DNA Staining Using Propidium Iodide
Direct Immunofluorescence Labeling
Indirect Immunofluorescence Labeling
Paraformaldehyde Fixation of Cells
FIXATION and DNA Staining for Cell Cycle Analysis
Fluorescein labeling of proteins - Susan Forsburg
Phycoerythrin conjugation protocol
Flow Cytometry Analysis -NIH
Flow Cytometry for Yeast - Mark Winey
FACS protocols - MIT
FACS Applications - University of Chicago
Clinical Flow Cytometry Protocols - Hitchcock Org
TRSI FACS Protocols - Scripps Inst.
U. Iowa FACS Protocols - Univ. Iowa
Functional Cell Biochemistry by FACS - MPI Martinsried